The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center, P.A.

The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center, P.A.

A comprehensive Spine, Sports and Occupational Rehabilitation Facility

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Sports, Spine and Rehabilitation Medicine

Our clinical staff of therapists and physicians combines its extensive training in sports rehabilitation with its broad range of personal experience in sports participation to manage patients with sports injuries.
Causes of pain and disability in the neck and back include problems with discs, nerves, joints, ligaments, or muscles. Physical therapy uses a combination of modalities, or means of treatment, to target each patient's specific problem.

Pain Management and Epidural Injections

Epidural Steroid Injection has been found to be an effective adjunct to treatment for patients with neck, lower back, arm, and leg pain. Commonly, nerves in the neck or back are compressed near the spine by a bulging disc, a bone spur, or scar tissue. This causes the nerve to become irritated and swollen, causing pain, numbness or tingling radiating into the arms or legs. The purpose of the epidural injection is to decrease inflammation and provide pain relief, thereby facilitating active therapy. Their primary use is as one component of a comprehensive treatment plan that includes medication, physical therapy, and education in body mechanics.

Electrodiagnosis and EMG

Electrodiagnostic testing provides information about muscles and nerves helping the physician arrive at a diagnosis. The idea of EMG is not all that different than EKG. In EKG electrodes record the electrical activity of the heart. In EEG, the same thing can be done to record electricity within the brain. Technology has made it possible to record electrical activity of muscles and nerves (other electrical tissues) throughout the body.

Physical Therapy

Therapeutic exercise is the use of exercise for stretching muscles and joints, or strengthening muscles to gain increased power, endurance and stabilization.

Occupational Therapy

Hand Therapy

Supervised Fitness


Inpatient Rehabilitation

PM&R physicians direct the rehabilitation programs and/or provide rehabilitation consultation services in several NY/NJ metropolitan area inpatient rehabilitation facilities. Call our office for more information

Physiatry and Musculoskeletal Medicine

A system of treatment based upon the utilization of the patient's own musculoskeletal forces to realign positional imbalances within the body. Effective in the management of disorders of the neck, thoracic spine and rib cage as well as the lumbar and sacral spines.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Techniques for treating pain originating from the soft tissues (muscle and connective tissue) or caused by joint restrictions and nerve adhesions. Manual therapy combines soft tissue and joint mobilization techniques with neuromuscular reeducation, utilizing Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) principles and patterns. Techniques are often instrumental in bringing about immediate functional gains.